How to Make Your Period Come Faster

The average menstrual cycle is around 28 days. However, since all bodies are different, there are women who get their period before or after this time frame. In recent years, as women have become more outspoken about their struggles and experiences, we’ve noticed that few women look forward to their menstrual period. After all, in cases where periods are accompanied by cramps, aches and pains, why would anyone want to suffer through the experience?

However, there are many reasons why one would want to induce their period sooner. Maybe you’re someone who has grown tired of an irregular cycle and want predictability and regularity to plan a pregnancy. Maybe you’re going on vacation and want to be unencumbered by your cycle. No matter what the reason is, you must be careful while trying to manipulate your menstrual cycle.

This means that unless you’re trying natural herbs or foods to make your period come faster, it is best to speak to a medical practitioner and get advice that is customized to your situation. However, if you are still on the lookout for methods which can make your period come sooner, here is a list of methods that can help you get there.

Parsley tea

Emmenagogues are those herbs that stimulate blood flow in the uterus and pelvis region. Such herbs are also known to have an impact on managing and curing instances of zits or pimples. Additionally, emmenagogues can help you in inducing periods by working on the blood flow of your body’s pelvic and uterine region. Since these herbs are natural and safe to consume, there are no side effects involved in this method.

Making parsley tea is fairly easy. Simply brew up a batch by pouring hot water over tea parsley leaves (a well-known emmenagogue) and let it steep for five to seven minutes. You can sip a few cups of this tea throughout the day. While the taste may not the most delicious, it will certainly help. Other options to use instead of parsley include rosemary, ginger, sage and yarrow.

It is necessary not to overdo it with the tea as it may prove to do more harm that help. Pregnant or lactating women should avoid this method. Even people with kidney troubles or kidney stones should stay away.


First thing first, there is not a lot of scientific evidence that supports using aspirin for inducing periods. However, aspirin acts as a blood thinner and this may help in influencing or manipulating the uterine lining. In this manner, it is possible that aspirin might help bring your period sooner.

The easiest way of consuming aspirin for earlier periods is to crush up two of the pills in half a cup of water with honey or sugar. The honey and sugar don’t necessarily have anything to do with your menstrual cycle; they just help you gulp down the aspirin.

Vitamin C

Your period arrived when your uterine lining is shed. The hormone progesterone is responsible for the thickening of your uterine wall. This means that when you’re not menstruating, your progesterone secretion is higher and when you are bleeding, the levels of this hormone are lower.

Vitamin C is known to reduce the levels of progesterone in the body and by doing so; it can directly affect the uterine lining and its thickness. When you increase the consumption of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in your diet, it can help in effectively breaking down the uterine lining and set off menstruation.

This method is fairly simple and risk-free. You can easily purchase vitamin C supplements over the counter. You can also consume lots of vitamin C rich foods such as spinach, lemons, oranges, black currants, berries, bell peppers and even tomatoes. However, make sure you don’t overdo it with these supplements and foods as too much vitamin C might prove to be harmful.


Ginger root is believed to help in causing uterine contractions. This traditional remedy for managing menstrual cramps is also used for inducing periods. Still, there is no concrete scientific evidence that supports this claim. With that being said, there is limited research that looks into the effect of ginger on period pain.

The root in itself has a very strong taste and smell that may be unappetizing to many. Since it is unpleasant to eat raw or in a salad, ginger tea is an easy alternative to ingest this remedy. Simply brew a batch with sliced ginger in a pot of water. Boil this concoction for anywhere between five to ten minutes, depending on how strong a taste you enjoy. You can additionally put in sugar, honey or agave to make it easier to swallow.


Another emmenagogue, turmeric is believed to affect the oestrogen and progesterone levels in the body. By affecting the uterine lining by way of lowering progesterone levels, this natural remedy can help in making your periods come faster. You can add turmeric to a variety of foods such as curries, meats, vegetables, fish or rice. If you’re looking for a simpler way, simply mix a spoon of turmeric with glass of warm water or milk with any sweeteners or spices that you like.

Dong Quai

Dong quai is a popular Chinese herbal remedy that has been in use for centuries for its many remedial benefits. It is believed to improve blood flow to the pelvis region by stimulating muscles in the uterus, thereby triggering contractions in the uterus. You can purchase the herb online in powder or capsule form.

Relaxation and Meditation

Stress is known to cause delayed or missed period in many cases. Since stress releases hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, your menstrual equilibrium gets disrupted and this can cause irregularities. When you choose to take up meditation, yoga or other relaxation activities, hormonal balance is improved. This can help you regularize or even bring in your period sooner.


In cases of people who have sedentary or moderately active lifestyle, a lack of exercising can be a big deterrent to getting regular periods. In this case, you can try abdominal twists or other exercises that are specifically designed to target your pelvic region, helping induce periods.

On the other hand, over exercising can also delay period. People with active lifestyles, especially those who run, lift weight and train intensely on a regular basis might be able to menstruate faster if they take a break.

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