Review Guidelines

BigBlueTest is among the fastest-growing health product and supplement review websites. We pride ourselves on our excellent research abilities and hunger for bringing unbiased, trustworthy reviews to you. Combining thousands of online and offline resources, we try and evaluate the efficacy of products that have been in the market for a while or even of those products that have recently released and created a storm. Our team is strict about following specific guidelines and incorporating ethical principles in what we do, with the end goal of helping customers buy better products and purchase smarter.

What Type of Products Do You Review?

Our best and most widely read reviews are ones related to health products and diet supplements. However, we also review other types of products associated with the health, weight loss, wellness and fitness industry. Fat burners, appetite suppressants, testosterone boosters – we review them all! By getting in-depth and close to the various influencing parameters, our product reviews are aimed at helping you live your best life with the most useful health products.

How Do You Review Products?

In most cases, we review products that are most widely purchased on the leading websites in the industry. Other times, a customer might write to us requesting our take on a particular product, and we get going!

Our reviews usually come from our analysis of publically available data, personal accounts from verified profiles and other such reliable sources. However, we do have an in-house team that actively engages in using products and then giving their first-hand review on the website. Around 30% of our reviews are first-person reviews and come from sources we trust and rely on. We also accept manufacturer submissions for reviews. However, we do not accept any payments, incentives or kickbacks for this. We always strive to provide unbiased opinions and reviews, so this is a non-negotiable clause.

Rest assured our reviews are organic and free from outside influence. You can trust our content and reviews as they aim to help you with maximum credible information.

How Do You Conduct Research for Your Reviews?

At Big Blue Test, our first priority is to bring in unbiased, relevant and fully up-to-date reviews that cover the most pressing questions that a consumer might have. To bring forth such in-depth evaluations, we scour through verified databases, customer accounts, reliable scientific journals, user-generated and submitted reviews on reliable forums and customer ratings. Moreover, we have a pool of in-house experts who often use products themselves and then contribute to reviews. We’ve crafted a process that rigorous and unearths the most valuable information for customers across the spectrum.

Forums and Discussion Platforms

We understand that a customer is the best person to give an honest review of a product. This is why we take the reviews from real customers on user-centric forums seriously. Almost 40% of our data and research is based on information from discussion boards and web forums. Our research is extensive and verified, so we know we only get the most accurate accounts.

Online Shopping Product Pages

Another chunk of almost 30% – 40% comes from customer reviews found on leading product pages online. These accounts are only considered if they are verified. Amazon and Wayfair make for a large majority of our research. However, we also take into consideration reviews on other reputed websites and merchants. Even brick-and-mortar outlets that have made a splash in the online space are considered. Our main focus while verifying these reviews is ensuring that the author isn’t compensated financially or otherwise and that they aren’t fake.

Review Websites

Like discussion boards, we’ve discovered that product review websites bring in a huge number of organic user reviews. The most jilted and unpleasant customers are usually in such spaces, and this is why we prefer including such websites to source our data. The risk of fake reviews and dubious recommendations is rife in the dietary supplements and health products industry. While there is always the risk of review website owners being biased towards certain products, our meticulous vetting system ensures that we only choose to go with real, organic, and true reviews. We avoid spammy sites and focus on authentic review portals, including Consumer Reports and Studies.

What Parameters Do You Use To Review Products?

We take our role as a review website very seriously. Apart from our detailed coverage on health and fitness, we also undertake in-depth research related to the best dietary supplements and other related products in the market. Our process is divided into many parts and focuses on each contributing factor towards a product’s efficacy and overall success.

Product Manufacturer: We believe that the creators of a product are an integral factor in determining the quality of an end product. Right from the various certifications and approvals, to the other credentials, we like to conduct in-depth research into who makes the products we review.

Ingredients: Any product is only as good as its core ingredients. The source of a particular vitamin or mineral makes an impact as well. By delving into the ingredients in the products we review, we aim to equip you with the right information. We’re also conscious of informing you about any potential additives, dye or chemicals that may cause an allergy or reaction.

Benefits and Side Effects: What a product does and how it can help you are important questions to answer. At Big Blue Test, we strive to bring comprehensive guides on the best benefits and the possible risks associated with a given product. This helps you be aware of any potential risks of starting with a supplement or product. It also helps you understand or estimate how the results would work out for you.

Return Policies and Guarantees: We’ve observed that the stronger the return policy of a product is, the more trustworthy and reliable the manufacturer most likely is. Evaluating the policies on an exchange or return, as well as satisfaction claims, help us evaluate the market position and validity of a company and their products.

Certifications and Accreditations: Apart from only checking for FDA approval, we also vet reviews based on certifications, quality checks, third party testing and accreditations. These factors usually reflect on the quality and result of the products we review, and we’re conscious of including this in the review process.

Scientific Studies, Statistics and Research: Making claims is easy, and most companies will claim that their product is a real wonder solution to your problems. However, unless there is scientific fact backing up the claim, we won’t consider it valid. By checking reports published in renowned circles and reading through reliable research, we try to inform you of the real effects and potentials of a product. Backed by statistics, you can evaluate how practical a purchase might be when it comes to helping you solve your problem.

Value For Money: A good product isn’t good enough for us unless it offers great value for money. We understand that you can’t always break away from a tight budget to indulge in supplements or products that may not help you get the results you want. In all our reviews, we’re conscious of including the product’s cost-efficiency and value for money. We aim to enable you with all the information you need to choose the right product from every angle.

Customer Reviews and Experiences: We try to include reports from other users and renowned bloggers whenever relevant to help you understand what other people like you think. However, these reviews are usually independent and don’t reflect our staff’s views on a product.

Do All Product Reviews Cover All Parameters You Mentioned?

In some cases, we leave out segments from our reviews. The main reason for this is that we may be lacking relevant and reliable data for that particular parameter. In other cases, all parameters may not be valid, so we omit them. Our efforts are always geared towards bringing in-depth review coverage. We always try to include everything that’s relevant and that might be useful to the customer.

Are Big Blue Test Reviews Trustworthy?

A review that comes as a result of affiliation will take the manufacturer’s claims as true and try to push them on you. In the case of Big Blue Test, however, our foremost strength is our unaffiliated status. We’ve already told you about our research-intensive and in-depth system for reviewing products. These extra steps and unique data sources ensure that you get a quick and unbiased review of the true potential of a product. Whether good or bad, we’re honest and forthcoming about our findings and only publish verified accounts. In this process, we’re proud to say, we’ve grown into a well-known and reliable review publisher.

Do You Make Medical Recommendations?

We understand that as a review website, our scope is limited, as s our expertise. Our team isn’t comprised of medical experts or doctors, and we know this. Any dosage recommendations or directions for use that we publish are always verified and as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. We don’t endorse starting on a course of ANY product without first consulting your doctor. This is important to ensure that you don’t have any serious side effects or complications. The advice on our blog is only a recommendation and should never be considered medical advice or acted upon without licensed medical supervision.

Do You Get Paid or Compensated In Any Way For Your Reviews?

As we said before, we’re unaffiliated and don’t play favorites. In the spirit of remaining unbiased, we’ve decided never to accept any ‘kick-backs’ or compensation (monetary or otherwise) for reviews that are published on our website. This is the best way to keep out any influence of companies, manufacturers or marketing teams on our content. Our organically-sources reviews are able to sustain the no-nonsense approach only because we’re conscious of not accepting compensation. In the end, we strive to bring you the most unadulterated, organic and bankable reviews to help you grow and develop on your wellness journey.