What is the big blue test?

The Big Blue Test is a program of the Diabetes Hands Foundation that rallies communities to experience the impact that small changes can have on their health. Taking the Big Blue Test is easy:

  1. If you have diabetes you test their blood sugar (no diabetes? no testing!)
  2. You exercise for at least 14-20 minutes.
  3. You test again (if you have diabetes), and
  4. You share their experience on or through the app for iPhone or Android.

Since 2010, over 100,000 people helped themselves while helping more than 10,000 others. Most participants in the Big Blue Test experience an average blood sugar drop of 20%. Each Big Blue Test helps you and helps others, through a life-saving donation made on your behalf. This has translated in $250,000 awarded by Diabetes Hands Foundation in Big Blue Test grants in the past 4 years.

For every Big Blue Test results that get logged between October 14th and November 30th, 2015, Diabetes Hands Foundation grants $1 in support of people with diabetes in need around the world. Big Blue Test grants awarded this year will benefit two initiatives (each will receive US$5,000). To do this, we’re seeking to reach 110,000 Big Blue Test entries by November 30th. Help yourself and help others. Get active, #jointhemovement: do the #BigBlueTest every day!