We LOVE Paramount High School!

Last year a Chemistry Teacher named Mr. Teeples at Paramount High School in Paramount, California caught wind of the #BigBlueTest and asked his students to help him make an impact on the lives of people with diabetes and pre-diabetes by logging their physical activity sessions at BigBlueTest.org.

Together they logged a few hundred entries last year and we were really happy when Mr. Teeples contacted us to tell us that he wanted to be involved again.

We made it really easy for Mr. Teeples. He went to BigBlueTest.org/Groups and registered his group. Then we created a website where Mr. Teeples could see the number of entries Paramount High School student have made and how that translated into dollars raised for diabetes charities. There is even a form that allows Mr. Teeples to easily send in batch entries.

The effort made by Mr. Teeples proves that small things – like asking your friends to join you in an activity group – can have a huge impact. Paramount High School Students are responsible for logging over 6,000 entries since the campaign started a few weeks ago…and they aren’t slowing down!

It’s not too late to be as awesome as Mr. Teeples and the students of Paramount High School. Here’s how you can register a Big Blue Test Group:

Organize a group of folks to exercise with you. We have seen all different kinds of groups of people come together and form a Big Blue Test Group: offices, dance classes, schools, and just groups of friends. How you guys know one another isn’t the important part. The important part is that you want to make a difference!

Register your group at BigBlueTest.org/Groups. It only takes three minutes to answer all of the questions. Once we setup a landing page for your group, you will be notified via email.

Exercise as a group. Let your friends know that after only 14 minutes of moderate exercise, the average participant will see a blood glucose drop of about 20%. That’s not all…each person participating is helping raise funds for three nonprofit organizations that are providing life-saving supplies, services, and education for people living with diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Submit the total number of entries to us using the batch entry form we provide. You can also continue to log individual sessions at BigBlueTest.org or using the iPhone or Android app.

Brag about how great you feel after exercising. Brag about how wonderful your friends are for joining you. And brag about all of the money you have helped raise for diabetes charities just by getting up and getting active.

Time is running out! Organize your group, register and join the movement!

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