There’s An App For That!

Doing The Big Blue Test and sharing your results just got a little bit easier.  Now there’s an iPhone app that allows you to submit your Big Blue Test and to share photos to your social networks.

If you want to check it out, just visit the iTunes store.

Once you launch the app you will be able to take The Big Blue Test just like you do here on the website:

And when you’ve submitted the test you can add photos and share it with your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends:

So…what are you waiting for?  Take the Big Blue Test now, and remember that if we reach the goal of 20,000 entries by the end of the day on November 14th, $100,000 will be donated to diabetes-charities that are providing life-saving supplies and services to people in need.  Join the movement.

Big Blue Test - Tu Diabetes

Thanks to Héctor Cen and Rui Santos for making this app possible!!

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