Thank You To Our Groups!

As we are entering the last weekend of the Big Blue Test campaign, we wanted to publicly acknowledge all of the amazing groups of people that registered their Big Blue Test Groups, and then motivated one another throughout the last month to continue getting active and submitting Big Blue Test entries.

This year we made it really easy for individuals to organize groups of their friends, families, and coworkers to do the Big Blue Test with them. After group leaders registered, we built a custom website for their group to see the progress they have made as well as the impact their physical activity will have on the three nonprofit organizations receiving Big Blue Test Grants.

The response has been incredible. So far, Big Blue Test Groups are responsible for just under 30% of our entire goal for this campaign. We owe a huge amount of thanks to Mr. Teeples and the awesome young people at Paramount High School for their contribution.

And we aren’t done yet! You have until the end of the day on Monday to help us get to the goal of 150,000 entries. Keep sweating, and keep logging! Join the movement!

Group Name Number of Entries
Mall Walkers
7 entries
Big Blue Bikers
9 entries
Ice Cream Social
17 entries
Maxwell Falls Hikers
35 entries
Kim’s Dance Class
37 entries
Monkeys With Crayons
71 entries
Fort Wayne Jogging Group
72 entries
Lake Merritt Exercise Group
101 entries
Big Blue Writers
121 entries
133 entries
Big Blue Testers
229 entries
503 entries
Paramount High School
11,331 entries

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