Minnetonka Middle School Rocks!


For the past week, students at Minnetonka Middle School in Minnesota have logged each of the P.E. classes as a Big Blue Test – helping us reach the goal of 20,000 tests logged.

A group of young people there have organized a really incredible World Diabetes Day celebration that included 10,000 blue ribbons that were distributed and a pretty great video that was played in each classroom (below).

The students there were also responsible for a couple thousand Big Blue Test entries last year, and we can say that they are directly responsible for helping others with diabetes in need.

If you want to read more about what they did for World Diabetes Day, here’s a newspaper article written about them in the Sun Sailor.

4 thoughts on “Minnetonka Middle School Rocks!

  1. Hey Mike! One of my friends Jackie has a son at this school and was the one who told me about this projecxt that the Minnetonka Schools were doing for WDD! I loved the video they did! She said all the kids wore blue and even got to wear blue ribbons as well as participating in WDD events at school!

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