Q: What is the Big Blue Test?

A: The Big Blue Test started in 2009 as a creative way to encourage people with diabetes to stay active. It has grown into a global campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of exercise for people with diabetes and help support diabetes charities in the process.

Q: What is the goal of The Big Blue Test?

A: With The Big Blue Test we seek to raise awareness about the importance of exercise in connection with diabetes management. In 2015, we want our total tally of entries to exceed 110,000.

Q: What is the deal with “14 to 20 minutes of exercise”?

A: In spite of how little time 14 to 20 minutes may sound like, we have seen just 14-20 minutes of exercise decreased participants’ blood sugar level an average of 20 percent. This can be a significant drop for most people with diabetes.

Q: Can I do The Big Blue Test if I don’t have diabetes?

A: Yes. Once the Big Blue Test web site starts collecting entries, you will have an opportunity to count your participation, indicating that you don’t have diabetes: we won’t ask you to test your blood sugar, but your participation will count towards the entries goal.

Q: Can I do The Big Blue Test more than once?

A: Yes. As long as each entry logged corresponds to an independent event, there is no restriction in the number of times anyone can do and log their Big Blue Test results.

Q: Who is behind The Big Blue Test?

A: The Big Blue Test is a program of Diabetes Hands.

Q: Who sees the Big Blue Test data and what they do with it?

A: The personally identifiable data (your email, if you choose to set up an account with us, and your exercise and/or diabetes data) will not be sold or shared outside of the staff of the Diabetes Hands Foundation and researchers associated with the program. Only aggregate data will be shared, through scientific posters, or in publications.