Big Blue Test 2016 Shirts!

It has become a tradition for many people to purchase Big Blue Test apparel to wear during the workouts that they do during the Big Blue Test campaign each year. Some people have told us that the shirts serve as a conversation starter that can help get other people excited about helping others through their workouts.

This year’s shirt has a design that will hopefully remind people that 14 minutes of any physical activity can count toward a Big Blue Test entry. If you’re walking the dog, doing yard work, or going for a very serious run, make sure you test your blood glucose level before and after (skip this step if you don’t have diabetes), then log the exercise as a Big Blue Test entry here on or by using the iPhone or Android app.

Every single entry (up to 150,000 entries) will result in a $3 donation made to 3 really great nonprofit organizations that are providing life-saving supplies, services, and education to people living with diabetes in need. Read more about the charities in our announcement made earlier this week.

The 2016 Big Blue Test shirts come in a men’s cut which is a traditional t-shirt cut, and a women’s cut that is a fitted t-shirt.

If your old Big Blue Test t-shirts have lost some of their spunk because of one-too-many washes, you can also purchase any of the previous designs in the Diabetes Hands Foundation t-shirt shop.

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