At School

BBTschoolSMALL Thank you for helping the Diabetes Hands Foundation make a difference in the lives of people living with diabetes! For every Big Blue Test entry we receive between October 15th and November 30th, 2015, a donation will be made to charities in the US and internationally that are providing life-saving supplies and services to people with diabetes in need. You can make a huge difference by collecting Big Blue Tests of your entire school for the entire month, or just one class on one day.  Follow the steps below and don’t hesitate to reach out to Clara Saenzpardo [] if you have any questions or need help.

STEP ONE: Contact the head of your school offering to host a Big Blue Test event. Outside of schools, you can also consider hosting an event at a community center, dance studio, park, wherever! Below is a message you can use, or you can write your own.

To Whom It May Concern:

Hi there! My name is _______________________ and I am the guardian of ________________________. I am writing/calling/here to start and lead an event at the school called the Big Blue Test.

The Big Blue Test is a program of the Diabetes Hands Foundation that encourages people with diabetes to get active for 14-20 minutes and share their experience on For every entry, people with diabetes in need receive life-saving supplies through Big Blue Test grants that are awarded to humanitarian diabetes charities in the US and around the world. Bringing a Big Blue Test Event here not only benefits the diabetes community and children with diabetes at your school, including ____________________, but also encourages students that do not have diabetes to be physically active while supporting a movement that will help over 20,000 people with diabetes this year. Also, the Big Blue Test event could bring publicity to the school! After the event, our event and your school will be featured on the Big Blue Test website!

Thank for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.



STEP TWO: Pick a date. After you get the go-ahead, look at the school calendar and schedule a day when students (and maybe even parents and teachers) can attend. This can be a daily event like a P.E. class or it can be something like a one-time assembly of students.

STEP THREE: Download some materials to help you market your event.

STEP FOUR: Market your event. Getting the word out about your event is important. Make sure people in your community know about the event and how each Big Blue Test you collect will result in $1 donated to charity.  Here are some ideas you can use to get people excited about participating in your event:

  • Post flyers in places that parents will see them
  • Post flyers in places where students will see them
  • Ask for the school administrators to include a blurb about the event in their email newsletters
  • Spread the news to family groups you belong to
  • Draw posters and hang them up around school or around town
  • Start a Facebook event page and invite friends
  • Contact your local radio station and ask them to do a PSA for your Big Blue Test event

This #worlddiabetesday ended with a bang! My dodgeball team wore blue and we tied with the other undefeated team in the league after a 50 minute #bigbluetest #dodgeball sesh. #winningSTEP FIVE: Plan your activities. Try to come up with a few activities or games that the participating students can do at your event. You might be able to find supplies (like sports equipment or snacks) for your event by asking local businesses for donations of materials or you can borrow them from the school

Some past successful examples include kickball, dancing, running, swimming, jump rope, foursquare and capture the flag.

STEP SIX: Do the Big Blue Test. The event itself is the easiest and most enjoyable part! Fifteen to 20 minutes of fun!

  • Explain to the group that they will be doing something that will help themselves (getting active) while also helping others (when we log their Big Blue Test, supplies will be delivered to people with diabetes in need).
  • Using the sports equipment, games or activity you have planned, help the students get active.
  • Record the Big Blue Tests on the Big Blue Test log sheet.
  • We’d love to see any videos or photographs from the event! Email them to Clara Saenzpardo [] so we can show off how awesome your school is!

#dmpad #day5 #advocate #regram Photo from last year's #bigbluetest event at Westminster Ice. So much #fun #diabetesawarenessmonth #t1 #iceskatingSTEP SEVEN: Make sure we receive your data! Remember that it’s super-important that we receive your Big Blue Test numbers to trigger the donation made by our program sponsors. And if you use Twitter, Instagram or Facebook make sure to include #BigBlueTest when posting pictures so we can see them too.

STEP EIGHT: Celebrate! Seriously, go give yourself a pat on the back. You not only helped make a difference in the lives of children in your community, but through the Diabetes Hands Foundation you’ve helped to deliver important supplies and services to communities all around the world.