2016 Grantees Announced!

Diabetes Hands Foundation announced three organizations that will benefit from the 2016 Big Blue Test Grants. The $15,000 pledged by the organization will support programs aimed at providing lifesaving supplies, medical tests, and patient education to people living with diabetes or at risk of developing diabetes.

Between October 14, 2016, and November 14, 2016, participants perform 14-20 minutes of physical activity and then report their results at BigBlueTest.org or by using the iPhone or Android smartphone app. Each entry will result in $1 donated to three US-based initiatives ($3 total; up to $5,000).

“The Big Blue Test rallies communities to experience the impact that small changes can have on their health,” said Gene Kunde, CEO of Diabetes Hands Foundation. “The grants generated by Big Blue Test participants will impact thousands of people with diabetes who have been traditionally underserved.”

Three US-based initiatives will receive $5,000 in funding.

DiabetesSisters [www.diabetessisters.org] With this grant funding, DiabetesSisters will grow the newly launched Minority Initiative which is focused on bringing resources and education to African American and Hispanic women with diabetes and pre-diabetes.

We Are Diabetes [www.wearediabetes.org] We Are Diabetes has created a Recovery Toolkit that will be available digitally for health care providers. With the Big Blue Test grant funding, they will be able to distribute physical copies to clinics across the country.

Riverside Community Diabetes Collaborative [rcdc.rchf.org] The Riverside Community Diabetes Collaborative will be using Big Blue Test funds to purchase equipment for their annual “Together We Can!” event which is a free seminar that includes health screenings and education on healthy living with diabetes, and addresses the emotional aspect of living with diabetes.

The goal for the 2016 Big Blue Test campaign is to collect 45,000 entries (resulting in $5,000 for each nonprofit organization).

About the grant recipients

DiabetesSisters (Raleigh, NC)
DiabetesSisters is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the health and quality of life of women with diabetes, and to advocate on their behalf. The organization serves over 20,000 women living with, and at-risk of, diabetes of all ages through online and in-person programs and services, including expert articles, educational materials, blogs and webinars, monthly in-person peer support groups throughout the United States, a Conference Series and a Minority Initiative Program focusing on African American and Hispanic women.

We Are Diabetes (Minneapolis, MN)
We Are Diabetes is a nonprofit organization primarily devoted to promoting support, education and awareness for people with type 1 diabetes who suffer from eating disorders. WAD offers resources, treatment center referrals, individual mentorship and community support programs.

Riverside Community Diabetes Collaborative (Riverside, CA)
The Riverside Community Diabetes Collaborative (RCDC) is a partnership that was formed in February of 2007 in response to the increasing number of persons diagnosed with and at risk for diabetes. RCDC’s mission is to strengthen community programs and services for the prevention and management of diabetes in Riverside. The Riverside Community Health Foundation is the lead agency of RCDC.

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